They Found Out She Was Pregnant Before His 11 Month Deployment—He Finally Got to Meet His Baby

January 24, 2018

It can be extremely hard for family members when someone is deployed. This was especially true for Shannon Howard.

When her husband Seth was deployed, the couple already had three children. She was also pregnant with their fourth child. When Shannon gave birth to their fourth child, Seth was able to Facetime in so he could be there for her—even from the other side of the world.

Shannon shared that she hated being pregnant while her husband was away. “It was insane. The hormones, you’re already so hormonal, let alone your husband is leaving. I was a mess when he first left. But we had so much support from our families.”

Shannon and her three children moved in with her parents so they could help her. “We were already outnumbered by our children, and with another one on the way, that told us to stay with us,” she shared. “Throughout this deployment, I learned to accept help. Just accept it. It will make life easier.”

Seth’s biggest fear was that his children would forget who he was. They both did everything they could to keep that from happening, though. She Facetimed him regularly so their kids could see his face and hear his voice.

After 11 months, it was time to come home. Seth was so excited to see his children, but he was nervous. He wanted to surprise them, but he wasn’t sure how they would respond.

“I was so excited. I was shaking I was so nervous,” he shared. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I got in the military.”

The night before Seth was going to surprise his kids at school, Shannon met him at the airport with his youngest child, Declyn. He was finally able to meet the baby that he had only seen through FaceTime.

Shannon is overjoyed to have her husband back. She shared, “We couldn’t ask for a better gift than having him home.”

How exciting for Seth and his family! He finally got to meet his sweet baby and be back with his family. God bless this sweet family!

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