He Fell Into Icy Water and Wasn't Breathing. Doctors Were Ready to Give up Until His Mom Showed Up

November 14, 2017

In 2015, a 14-year-old boy was out with his friends in the middle of winter. The lake in their hometown, Lake Sainte Louise, was frozen over due to the cold weather. The boys decided to walk out onto the surface. The ice broke and all three of the boys fell in the freezing cold water.

One of the teenagers was able to swim back to the shore. Another teenager was able to cling to the ice to stay afloat. John Smith, though, was unable to do either of these. His lungs quickly filled with freezing cold water.

The paramedics arrived and were able to rescue the two other boys. Because John was under the water, though, they had to search for him. By the time they found his body, John had been under the water for more than 15 minutes. The emergency crews shared that his body was lifeless. He was dead.

They still wanted to do everything they could to save him. In the ambulance, the emergency team attempted CPR for 15 minutes with no response from John’s body.

At the hospital, doctors continued to attempt CPR for another 27 minutes. He was showing no signs of life.

At that moment, John’s mother, Joyce, walked into the room. She knew that there was very little that she could do for her son. She did the only thing she could—she prayed.

Joyce was loudly praying over her son, committing him to the Lord. She begged God not to take her son.

Emergency workers shared that they were prepared to stop trying to revive him. His brain had been without oxygen for at least an hour. He had no pulse and his body was cold to the touch.

When Joyce sat down next to her son, she called to God, “Come, Holy Spirit.” The nurse in the hospital room suddenly burst out, “I have a pulse!” Suddenly, all of the sensors started picking up life.

While John was alive, the doctors were certain that he would suffer brain function problems because his brain had been without oxygen for over an hour. Some doctors even claimed that he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.

As John began to recover, though, it became clear that the doctors were wrong. John’s brain function seemed completely healthy. He went through weeks of recovery and physical therapy, but he walked out of the hospital on his own two feet. Check out the full video below.

Doctors were unable to explain what happened that day. From everything they could tell, John was dead. His mother’s prayers, though, brought him back to life. Even John’s doctor shared “It’s a bonafide miracle.”

It’s incredible to see everything that happened to John. His mother’s faith truly is what carried him through this.

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