After 60 Years as Best Friends, These Two Men Are Taking on a Whole New Title

December 28, 2017

Walter Macfarlane has spent his life wondering who his father was. He had always wanted to meet him, but didn’t know of any way to figure out who he was.


Now, Walter is 74 years old. His kids recently told him about the DNA testing service Ancestry. He decided to sign up and see if he could find any living relatives.

Several weeks after sending his DNA sample in he got the results. They shared information about his ancestors and ethnicity. The most important thing that he learned is that there was someone on the website whose DNA appeared to be identical to his own.


The person with nearly identical chromosomes went by the name Robi737. Walter started to try to find out who Robi737 was, but he wasn’t prepared for it to be his best friend, Alan Robison.


Alan and Walter had first met when they were in sixth grade. Through high school they played on the same football team. Since then, for the past 60 years, they have been close friends. Apparently they like to play Cribbage together.

The men joke that they could’ve married the same woman—that’s how close they’ve always been. They sent their kids to the same schools and even vacationed together with their families.


Apparently Walter was raised by his grandparents. 15 months later, Alan was born and immediately put up for adoption.


Strangely enough, Walter’s children were raised considering Alan as their uncle. Cindy, Walter’s daughter, shared, “I grew up calling him Uncle Alan...I have a few pictures of us on his sailboat at 9 and 10.”


Alan’s wife explained that this family connection is perfect. “If you could pick a family, I think he would have picked the Macfarlanes as a family. That’s how much we liked them.”

Though the brothers have been best friends for decades, they still have plenty of reconnecting to do. Apparently, they’ve gone to lunch together every day since discovering that they were related. Now, they’re planning new vacations to go on as brothers so they can celebrate their family.


Walter shared, “The whole thing is incredible, but when you think about it, it’s also sad we didn’t know we were brothers much sooner, because then we could have gone through all the highs and lows of life together.”



Alan then piped in to share, “But the good thing is that there are more good times to come!”


It’s incredible to see how their story turned out. Even though they didn’t know they were related, they’ve been by each other’s sides for decades.


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