After 9 Years Living with His New Foster Family, He Finally Says These 3 Words

February 21, 2018

Angela Jacobs, 46, from Palm Beach, Florida received a call that she never expected to get. She thought those calls were over. She and her husband have already adopted five children; they were at their max — especially when they have already fostered a dozen children throughout the years.

"We had met the limit for the number of children that we could have in our house per our state’s foster care laws," Jacobs told "Love What Matters." "We were not even licensed foster parents anymore. But, our former agency knew that our son would thrive in our house. In part because we had adopted his biological sister as an infant, and because we had never said no to a child in need, no matter the issues."

Jacobs and her husband sat their other children down and told them the situation. They even said that this young boy might be temporary as he might go back with his biological mother.

When the scared 7-year-old boy arrived at their house the first time, the Jacobs knew they had "a long road ahead." Jacob described the young boy as scared, but also very angry.

The reason the boy was so angry was that he was separated from his mother and his biological siblings. Even though his sister was there, they only had seen each other a few times.

"It took several months of patience, therapy, and unconditional love for our son to finally start to trust us and realize that he was in a safe place. A place that he would begin to thrive in," Jacobs said.

As the years went on, the boy began to grow close with her husband and the other siblings. However, Jacobs and the boy's relations seemed to be "strained." She said that he was polite to her, but never called her mom, not that she expected that, but over the course of a couple of years she felt that maybe he would. Jacobs even told him that she loved him, but he never said it back.

Two years later, the agency called informing the family that the boy's parents' rights had been terminated. He was available for adoption.

When the young boy heard the news, he began to open up to Jacobs. He even started to view her as a mother.

"We figured out that his resistance to get close to me stemmed from the fact that he had been with his biological mother for the first half of his childhood, and his loyalty stayed with her until he knew that he would never go back to her," she recalled.


One ordinary day she was driving her son to basketball practice, like she did twice a week. As he was getting out of the car, Jacobs said, "I love you" like she normally did. Normally for him, he would nod his head and continue off to the gym, but not that day.

He turned around, looked at Jacobs and smiled saying, "I love you too."

Naturally, Jacobs was shocked. Tears were flowing as she was driving home. Her heart had to be bursting from her chest with happiness.

"Although I have no doubt my son loves me, he still does not call me mom," she explains. "He tells his friends, teachers, etc. that I am his mother, but he does not say it to me. And I am okay with that. I’ve realized that him not calling me mom doesn’t change the fact that I am his mother and that we love each other regardless of how we became mother and son.”

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