After Her 3-Year-Old’s Terrifying Cancer Diagnosis, Mom Is Stunned by a Note From Her Garbagemen

January 29, 2018

Late in 2016, Angie Evenson and her husband were shaken to their core when they were told that their three-year-old daughter was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer.

Every garbage day, three-year-old Rose and her two sisters, Grace and Sophia, would go to the window to wave and smile at their garbage man, Brandon Olsen and Taylor Fritz. Apparently, that was the highlight of the girls’ week—and it also brought a light to the garbagemen.

After receiving the diagnosis and putting together a treatment plan, Angie decided to leave a note for the garbagemen. She left the note the week of Halloween, so her daughters each drew pictures and they left candy.

In Angie’s note, she informed the garbagemen that her three-year-old had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Recently, it had spread to her lungs. She shared that the girls might not be there every week to wave because of Rose’s treatment.

The week after she left the note, the garbagemen left a note of their own. They hand-delivered a note from the local sanitation services.

Apparently, Olsen and Fritz had offered to give their free garbage pick-up that they receive as employees to the Evensons. However, when they sent the request to the sanitation services, the organization decided to give them a free year.

In the note, the organization shared, “Please accept our gift of free garbage service for you through the end of 2017. We know that expenses will add up as you make trips for this needed treatment, and hope that not having this one bill to deal with helps, even if just a little.”

When Angie received the note, she was speechless. She had no idea that Olsen and Fritz would do anything like that.

Angie shared, “We’ve gotten to the point where this is our new normal and we can talk about it now, but at that point when it was early on in the diagnosis, every day felt impossible to get through. Their small act really did make a difference.”

Now, Rose is much healthier. She finished her chemo in remission and the cancer hasn’t returned. She just had her fifth birthday.

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