After Dog’s 11th Trip Back to the Shelter, They Finally Realized the Problem

January 30, 2018

Gumby is a white hound mix. Like most hounds, he’s a smartie. Unfortunately, that means that he’s really good at escaping.

Gumby was first found when he was five years old. He was wandering the streets of South Carolina. When he was picked up, he was taken to the Charleston Animal Society.

At the shelter, the employees fell in love with him. He was handsome, healthy, and friendly. The staff knew that he would find the perfect home to take care of him. And he did. His new family fell in love with him.

However, three days later, he was returned. He was placed back up for adoption and found a new family; however, that adoption only lasted for six days. The reason he was returned both times was due to the fact that he was constantly escaping from them.

Over the next two years, Gumby was adopted eleven different times from the shelter. Eight of those times, his owners returned him because he was escaping too much. Three times, he was found wandering the streets and returned to the shelter.

The shelter was trying everything they could think of to help him stay in his homes. They tried to train him not to escape and they even tried pairing him with another dog to be adopted into a family so he would feel more comfortable.

After their 11 attempts at adopting him out, the shelter realized what Gumby had been trying to tell them all along—he didn’t need a new home. He was home.

Gumby was an extremely empathetic dog. He knew how to change his behavior to help other dogs feel more comfortable, so he loved being surrounded by dogs.

Many dogs get extremely stressed out in shelters and Gumby can help ease their stress. According to the behavior specialist at the shelter, “He knows he has work to do.”

They gave up on trying to find Gumby a new home. Instead, he helped in behavioral classes and helps to comfort new dogs. He also donated blood every two weeks to help kittens with eye infections.

However, during his time at the shelter, he fell in love with one employee—John Martin. When John moved to New York City he didn’t want to leave Gumby behind. He decided to try adopting Gumby and bringing him with him to New York.

Apparently, Gumby has never tried to escape from their home. Because Gumby was able to fall in love with his new owner while at the shelter, moving to a new home felt comfortable and natural for him. They take him for long walks every day and let him interact with other dogs so he can get some of his energy out.

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