After Fostering an Abused Dog, This Couple Lost 80 Pounds

January 31, 2018

Getting fit can be intimidating. It’s hard to find the motivation to work out every day—even if it’s just for a walk. One couple recently found the perfect solution to their lack of motivation—adopt a dog!

Anne and Vic Tenaglia decided to foster a sweet pit bull named Jingle. Jingle had been rescued from a dog fighting ring and struggled with a lot of anxiety as a result of how he was treated before.

The shelter that rescued Jingle couldn’t keep him in the same area as other dogs, so they had to find a foster home for him. He was so stressed out in the shelter that he refused to eat, was covered in wounds from dog fighting, and was biting his tail raw from stress.

Anne and Vic were nervous about fostering a dog like Jingle. He obviously had gone through a lot in his two years of life. But when Anne saw him, she knew she had to help. Jingle warmed up to them very quickly, but he continued to chew on his tail.

The couple decided that they needed to try some methods to help reduce Jingle’s stress. The best method they could find was frequent long walks. Anne shared, “The only thing that would calm him down was walking. We walked him four or five or six times a day.”

They started to take Jingle on 3-mile treks every single day to help him relax and get some energy out. As they continued to do this, Jingle’s personality changed entirely. He became a sweet, loving dog and stopped chewing on his tail.

But those three mile walks didn’t only help Jingle. In the course of two years, those walks helped Anne lose 20 pounds. Vic lost 60 pounds.

Before they started to foster Jingle, Anne had high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation, which can cause blood clots, stroke, or heart failure. She took frequent trips to the hospital due to her heart problems. Since fostering Jingle and losing weight, she hasn’t had to go to the hospital a single time. Her cardiologist is amazed by how much she has improved.

After fostering Jingle for a year, Anne and Vic realized how devastated they would be if he was adopted by someone. They decided to permanently adopt him. “We’re thrilled to death,” Anne shared. “He actually chose us before we realized he had wormed his way into our hearts.”

What a sweet story for Jingle! I’m glad he found a family that was willing to put in the work to get him healthy—and it’s incredible how he was able to help them too.

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