His Wife Died At 40—Weeks Later, He Received a Stack of Notes From A Stranger

January 25, 2018

Simon Thomas is an English television presenter who has worked in children’s and sports programs. Last November, his wife died of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

She was only 40 years old. She died only three days after being given her diagnosis. Simon and his 8-year-old son were still reeling from the diagnosis when she died.


Simon sends notes of encouragement with his son every single day—he calls them “Snack Notes.” In one note that he Tweeted he shared, “I know last night you said you’re missing Mommy so much—so is Daddy. But remember we’re in this together.”


Other notes remind his son how much his mom loved him. One said, “Mummy loved you so much. We was very proud of you—so am I.”


While Simon is there to send notes to his son, he didn’t have anyone who could do the same for him. That’s when a complete stranger decided to step up.

Apparently, a man that he had never met, Dan Ritchie, saw the “Snack Notes” that he wrote to his son and was inspired. He decided to write a note for Simon for every single day of 2018 to help encourage him through the darkness of his loss.

Though Dan didn’t know Simon, he knew that Simon and his son needed support as they started their new year without Simon’s wife. He and his family got together to write “Snack Notes” for every single day.

Simon Tweeted an image of the “Snack Notes.” The one that shows reads, “Know that all of Heaven is cheering you on today Simon.”


What an incredible blessing for this man. Is there someone you could bless like this? Share your thoughts on Facebook.

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