After Their Big Day, Prince Harry Revealed Hilarious Confession After He Said, 'I Do;' People Are Rolling

May 21, 2018

Last Saturday was an exciting day for the world to see. The recently-announced Duke and Duchess of Sussex were all smiles on their big day, and so were their fans.



While leading up to that day, it wasn't all peaches and cream for the lovebirds. Meghan Markle's father has stirred up a little bit of drama when he fell into the photo-for-cash scandal and then sadly ended up having a heart attack just days before his daughter's wedding.



But that stuff didn't seem to discourage the happy couple from enjoying their big day. Even though the bride and groom's stomachs were full of butterflies, they looked extremely happy. At the same time, they probably couldn't wait for the day to end so they could finally be husband and wife.


It has been reported that Prince Harry spoke a hilarious confession into his bride's ears following the ceremony.


As the carriage pulled away, Harry joked, "I'm ready for a drink now," which caused Meghan to giggle.


As the horse-drawn carriage left Windsor Castle, the ecstatic fans were waving and cheering at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Some people even camped out days prior just to get a front-row seat.



An ex-marine, Paul Vice, who knows Harry told "New Idea" that one soldier hollered, "Don't be shy," as a hint for a second kiss. Harry reportedly smirked at the squaddie humor.


“As soldiers, we’ll always give him a little bit of flack, especially now he’s under the ball and chain," Vice joked. "He's a good lad; he looks very happy."


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