After Therapy Dogs Rescued Her, She’s Helping Corgis Get a Second Chance

January 03, 2018

A lot of people out there love dogs, but some people just love them a tiny bit more. Susan Luone is one of those people—but she has a good reason for it!


When Susan was seven-years-old, she was in the hospital recovering from juvenile polymyositis. This is a muscular dystrophy disorder. Because of this, she had difficulty walking. As she was in the hospital, though, a group of therapy dogs visited her.


The therapy dogs eased her mind and helped clear her head. As a seven-year-old going through major medical difficulties that many adults don’t have to deal with, these dogs helped her as she coped with recovering.



Since she was young, Susan has felt especially connected to dogs, especially dogs that are taken to shelters because of medical or behavioral problems. She shared, “I know what it feels like to be different from everyone else. The medical issues, the pain that they go through. The rehabilitation. I’ve been through chemo, through learning to walk again.”


Susan began to volunteer at dog shelters to help out those that needed a little extra love. But there was one type of dog that she fell in love with the most—Corgis.


Susan and her husband adopted their first rescue Corgi—but he wasn’t at all what they expected. His name was Oliver. They were told that he was two-years-old and had no health issues, but that turned out to be a lie.



According to Susan, “Everything that could’ve gone wrong with a first-time corgi went wrong.” Oliver had pneumonia and hip dysplasia. To get Oliver healthy, they ended up spending around $2,000.


On top of Oliver’s health issues were his behavioral problems. He was aggressive and unfriendly. Even though they were encouraged to give him up, they refused to. They slowly trained Oliver’s bad behavior out of him.


Two years after they first adopted Oliver, they adopted another Corgi, Eva. She had similar behavioral problems that Oliver did originally. The two became close friends and were trained to be gentler.



Susan decided to start a rescue for Corgis like Oliver and Eva. It’s called Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue (QBSDR). She shared, “I started the rescue because I was seeing more and more dogs being given up, corgis specifically, for reasons that were no fault of their own.”


Her goal with the rescue is to help Corgis that have behavioral and health issues. Once they are well-trained and healthy, she wants to find them new homes.



Susan says, “We work on relationship building and trust, then from there work on boundaries and control.”


It’s incredible that these sweet dogs are getting the second chances they deserve. With just a little love and patience, they’ll finally be able to find their forever families.


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