Hollywood 'Hot-Head' Pleads Guilty In N.Y. Assault Case. Wait Until You See What His Sentence Is

January 23, 2019

I guess crime really DOES pay - at least if you are lucky enough to be a major Hollywood star who happens to lean left in the political arena.

‘Thirty Rock’ star and 'Saturday Night Live' favorite Alec Baldwin faced the judge this week in connection with a November incident in which the actor allegedly assaulted another man over a parking spot.

In an agreement worked out with Manhattan prosecutors, in exchange for a guilty plea, the charges were reduced to second-degree harassment instead of the original assault and harassment charges.

“The hotheaded thespian appeared Wednesday morning in a Manhattan courtroom, where he agreed to the district attorney's recommendation that he attend a short anger management program as part of his plea.”

The altercation took place on November 2nd. “Police said at the time that Baldwin and the man started arguing and pushing each other after the man parked in a spot that the actor said a family member was holding for him.

The incident in question happened in early November, at which time Baldwin was taken into police custody.

Baldwin, himself, took to social media to explain exactly what happened in court. He also took a moment to assert his innocence and to whine about the press coverage he received.

And what is the punishment for violent crime? You won’t believe it…

A $120 fine and attendance at an anger management course! Can anyone say, ‘slap on the wrist?’

Baldwin has until March 27th to provide proof of payment of the fine and completion of the anger management courses. Also, the judge ordered that all photographs and video of the incident be destroyed.

What do you think? Has Baldwin learned his lesson? Yeah, right…

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