Man Awaiting Trial For Stealing From Late Girlfriend Perishes In Fiery Crash - His Final, Desperate Act

March 20, 2019

In a horrific twist, a story that looked as though it was going one way, took a dramatic turn and ended up where no one ever expected it to go.

Just a few hours ago, the top story was that a Florida man, Alejandro Aparicio, a suspect in the death of his girlfriend Andrea Greenburg, had escaped from police supervision by clipping his GPS tracking device that he was forced to wear in connection with the charges against him.

But, that was only PART of the story. The act that followed just a few moments ago was unbelievable!

"Aparicio was arrested February 8th on charges of stealing $547,000 from his late on-and-off girlfriend of 17 years, Andrea Greenburg.

"The arrest came 18 months after he told investigators he found Greenburg unresponsive on the couch in her home in Morningside. A toxicology report blamed her death on fentanyl."

Less than a week later, Arapicioo was released on bond but was ordered to wear the GPS device and surrender his passports. That's when things got weird.

According to Fox News, "After posting bond, Aparicio reportedly started sharing hundreds of pictures of him and Greenburg together on social media." This was unusual since friends say he never spoke of her or posted about her while she was alive.

Then, authorities lost the signal from Aparicio's tracking device and were convinced that Aparicioo had cut his GPS anklet and gone on the run. But those who knew him best, thought differently.

A childhood friend who grew up with Aparicio in Colombia reveals, “He said 'goodbye' to this physical world and made some statements that he was going to meet Andrea in the spiritual world,” he told the Miami Herald. The friend fears he took his life.

Another friend said, “I think he’s resigned to his fate.

"He’s told us he can’t even get a job at McDonald’s. He has hit the proverbial rock bottom. I don’t know that Alejandro has it in him to serve time in jail, and the case against him is pretty compelling. So he has either taken his life or gone on the lam.”

Their eerie prediction has come true.

Just moments ago, the Miami Herald broke the news.

According to authorities, “At 4:18 p.m. on Sunday, March 17, Alejandro Aparicio made a rambling post on Facebook in which he promised to soon be reunited with his late girlfriend Andrea Greenberg. To many of Aparicio’s friends, the post read like a suicide note.

“Just a few minutes later, Aparicio drove his motorcycle directly into the oncoming path of a tractor-trailer.

“That collision caused a second truck to plow into the rear of the first truck, causing it to jackknife across [the highway]. Both vehicles burst into flame.”

According to Darren Caprara, director of operations for the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office, "Aparicio, 59, was instantly killed." The incident is under investigation and soo is the original case against Aparicio.

What a tragic ending to an already difficult story. Please pray for all those affected by this man’s actions. And may God have mercy on his soul.

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