Amazing 360-Degree Video Gives You a Never-Before-Seen View of US Navy Aircraft Carrier

October 13, 2017

As camera technology keeps improving, it has allowed us to experience things we will most likely never get to experience in our lives. In this case, it takes us aboard an aircraft carrier from the US Navy.

The aircraft carrier featured in this video is the USS Eisenhower taking place in a variety of combat drills in the Atlantic Ocean. These drills included jet launches, landings, high-stakes drills, and other activities.

The 5,000 sailors aboard the USS Eisenhower also trained for preparing for a missile strike by practicing battling fires, containing flooding, and testing for chemical or biological agents.

“All hands man battle stations! Missiles inbound, brace for shot,” shouted the commanders over the loudspeaker.

The USS Eisenhower was launched in 1975 for a price of $5.2 billion in 2016 dollars. She is a Nimitz class carrier and is powered by nuclear energy.

Since she first set sail, the Eisenhower has been overhauled twice to upgrade it to modern standards.

Take a first-first person look at the Eisenhower in this amazing 360 video!

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