Amazon Punishes Employee Caught on Video Throwing Box at Puppy

March 09, 2018

A video surfaced on social media last week of an Amazon delivery contractor dropping a large package on a puppy in Homestead, Florida. Obviously, people were not happy with what the footage.


The surveillance footage showed the delivery man scanning the package then throwing it over a low fence. Two dogs can be seen barking on the other side of the fence, with the smaller of the two putting his paws on the fence right in front of the delivery man.




The smaller dog is a five-month-old Labrador mix named Rocky. The man in the video appears to aim the package at Rocky before he throws the box in his direction.



An Amazon spokesman stated that the delivery man in the video has since been fired for his actions.


“This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery partners, and this individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages,” said the Amazon spokesman.


“We have reached out to the customer with our sincerest apologies and to offer our support,” the spokesman continued.


As to the condition of Rocky, his owner Brittany Aaron has an update. “His eye is a little squinty. I think the corner of the box got him,” she said. “I don’t see any cuts but I don’t know if anything is wrong internally. The package isn’t small.”


“I have a front door that is accessible. I have never seen a delivery driver put a package over the fence,” she continued. “Unfortunately, Amazon hires all these random drivers.”


The box weighed seven pounds and was filled with children’s swimming gear. Amazon says that it is working with the customer on covering any veterinary expenses.


“I just don’t see why he would purposely do that when he could have put it by the garage door or front door. There was no logic in what he did,” said Aaron. “He clearly knew what he was doing.”


Watch the video below and judge for yourself.



More evidence that this was perhaps not the best delivery man is that he failed to close the trunk of his SUV before setting off down the driveway.


In other news, a dad’s unusual punishment for his son has the internet discussing whether or not he went too far. See for yourself in the next article below.

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