Famous Pro Athlete Involved In Fatal Car Crash Leaving Family Heartbroken; Requesting Prayers

July 03, 2018

Soccer player Amine Harit was involved in a fatal car accident on Friday in Marrakesh, according to his club, Schalke, in Morocco. Originally, police believed that it was Harit's 14-year-old brother that was behind the wheel when the accident occurred.


According to reports, it was Harit himself who struck and killed a pedestrian that night. The 21-year-old midfielder was driving in the city Friday night when a pedestrian attempted to cross the street.

Hicham Boulatar, the regional authority's head of communications in Marrakech, told the Associated Press that the victim was either 29 or 30 years old and that Harit's brother was a passenger in the vehicle.


Harit reportedly tried to flee the scene once the incident occurred, according to a report from "Hespress." However, a number of bystanders prevented him from doing so.

Harit has since been released pending the investigation of the fatal car accident. His passport has also been suspended preventing him from leaving the country during the on-going investigation.


"On Saturday, sporting director Christian Heidel managed to contact Harit, who is still in shock, the player described the terrible events of the previous night," the club said in an official statement. "As the driver of the car, he had no way of preventing the tragic accident. The police have recorded the accident.

"After delivering his testimony, Harit was able to leave the police station, and the 21-year-old is currently staying with his family in Morocco, where he is being cared for.


"First and foremost, Amine's deep compassion, as well as that of all of us at FC Schalke 04, goes to the victim's relatives. We are currently in constant contact with Amine."


Will you join us in praying for the victim's family members? In other news, 16 people including 2 children have been found dead after a tragic boating accident. Please pray.

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