Democrat Presidential Candidate Publicly Shames Hillary, Panics When She Realizes She’s Made a HUGE Mistake

February 26, 2019

You/ve heard the rumors. You know which ones I mean. The ones that claim that Bill and Hillary Clinton run a powerful cartel and if you cross them, you wind up dead…or worse! And, although the allegations have run wild for years, nothing has ever been proven.

Well, whether or not you believe those stories, you have to admit that one Democrat presidential candidate evidently didn’t want to take any chances after she took a not-so-subtle swipe at former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Amy Klobuchar, Democrat from Minnesota was speaking about the plans for her upcoming campaign for the 2020 presidential race. In trying to reassure constituents that they would not be forgotten on the campaign trail, Klobuchar inadvertently made a veiled criticism of Ms. Clinton’s efforts during her own campaign.

The major announcement revealed that she would make her first campaign stop in Wisconsin. And it was then that she made her embarrassing faux-pas.

“Because, as you remember, there wasn’t a lot of campaigning in Wisconsin in 2016,” she stated to reporters at the time. “With me, that changes.”

Klobuchar meant the statement as proof that she would run her campaign differently from what was done in 2016. Understandable, right?

After all, Wisconsin ended up being a pivotal state in the 2016 election that helped put President Trump over the top to defeat Clinton.

But, instead, it came out as a dig at Hillary for her lack of attention to the state. Whoops!! And treating the veteran party matriarch in any light other than complete reverence is something any self-respecting Democrat KNOWS you do NOT do!

When she realized how her statement was interpreted, the Minnesota Democrat panicked.

“Upon making the offensive remark, Klobuchar conducted damage control by hastily sending Clinton an email and then followed up with an apology over the phone.

“The senior senator from Minnesota claimed her remark had been misinterpreted and was not meant to be offensive, The New York Times reported Tuesday.”

She was evidently merely trying to reassure voters that she would not ignore them this time.

By all official accounts, Klobuchar has only the utmost respect and admiration for the former Secretary of State. It was widely reported that Klobuchar even sought Hillary’s approval before announcing her run for the 2020 presidential nomination.

Klobuchar’s ‘Hillary blunder’ comes on the heels of her growing reputation for mistreating her staff, a charge she has been vehemently denying.

“Aggrieved former staffers have recounted several examples of her past conduct, such as throwing a binder at an employee during a fit of rage, telling an employee she’d trade three of them for a water bottle and telling a staffer to clean her comb after she used it to eat a salad, among other things.”

Regardless of the intent, Klobuchar knew she had to act fast she now she’s just hoping that she took the proper action, and in time to save her candidacy!

Do you think she's okay? Or has she committed the 'unforgivable sin?' Only time will tell, I suppose! No matter, it ought to be an interesting two years!! Stay tuned!!

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