Super Famous Actress and Comedian in Hospital—Requesting Prayers

April 27, 2018

A Hollywood A-list actress and comedian has just been reported as hospitalized. The condition is a serious one—a kidney infection. One that will have her laid-up for 5 days or more.

Amy Schumer is the lady we are referring too. She was battling the infection for a few days before she had to be hospitalized due to severity.

Schumer was supposed to take a flight to London for the opening of her new movie, "I Feel Pretty," but her doctors said she wasn't well enough to make the trip. Doctors predict she will make a full recovery with a little rest and time.

Will you join us in praying for a quick and speedy recovery for Schumer? We hope she heals up quick!

In other news, a mysterious plane crash in Wisconsin has 3 dead. Learn more here.


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