Andy Dick Gropes Ivanka Trump in Disturbing, Resurfaced Video; He Was Dragged Off Stage

July 05, 2018

Just days after Andy Dick was charged with groping a woman on the streets of Los Angeles earlier this year, a video has resurfaced from an episode from "Jimmy Kimmel Live." He was caught groping Ivanka Trump on Kimmel's show in 2007.

Just as the two guests sat down, the moment quickly took a bad turn. Dick, now 52 years old, greeted Trump, now 36 years old, took an incredibly inappropriate moment to rub her bare legs.

“You don’t play up the glitter on your legs?” Dick said as he strokes her knee.

Trump, who obviously was uncomfortable, laughed and began pushing his hands away. Dick did not let up, however.

“Andy, please don’t touch Ivanka,” Kimmel said as he sat up from his chair and walked over to the couch. “Andy, please don’t. Donald Trump will kill both of us."

Dick continued to rub her legs as Trump was forcefully pushing his hand away. Kimmel walked over and grabbed Dick's shoulders to have him stop.

Watch the video below:

According to "Extra," Kimmel said Dick "was a little out of it."

“She came out; he wanted a big, wet kiss. It was time for Andy to go, so I escorted him out by his feet,” Kimmel said at the time.

“He always makes me a little uncomfortable,” Kimmel added. “You have no idea what he’s going to do next.”

Back in December, Dick even reminisced about the inappropriate incident on his Instagram page. He took a screenshot of him reaching for Trump's leg and shared it with the world to see.

Dick is currently facing assault charges when he groped a woman who was walking by him on the streets of L.A. According to City attorney's spokesman Frank Mateljan, Dick is charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and battery charges; they were filed Wednesday. He is scheduled to be arraigned on July 18.

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