You’ll Never Guess What Animal Opens This Door, I Guarantee It

March 07, 2018

Just when you think you are safe, a video surfaces from the depths of the internet to show you that you are still not safe.


Last month, it was a video of a Boston Dynamics robot that can open doors.



This month it is something far, far worse.


Make sure you are sitting down for this one before you press play.





An actual python opening a door?! You have got to be kidding me.


If you live anywhere where escaped pythons are a thing (looking at you, Florida), I would strongly advise you keep your doors extremely locked at all times.


If you were wondering how this snake manages to open the door, check out this video.



This python is a pet snake named Julius and lives in Germany. So at least for the moment, our American viewers are safe. For the moment at least.


In other news, check out the adorable viral video of a baby chimpanzee flying a plane in the next article below!

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