Another Baby Found Abandoned at Fire Department

April 10, 2018

In just five months, a baby box at an Indiana fire station has saved the lives of two newborn babies. Lt. Chuck Kohler of the Coolspring Township Volunteer Fire Department near Michigan City, Indiana was on the scene in less than a minute after being alerted to a baby in their Safe Haven Box.


“The whole first responder, father thing kicks in,” said Kohler. “You want to make sure that the baby is OK.”



The infant in the box was reported to still have the umbilical cord attached.


Kohler said he had no words to describe how he felt when he heard the baby crying inside.


“When I pulled the baby out of the box, actually my first thought was ‘baby Grace,’ ‘Saving Grace.’ It just popped into my head,” said Kohler.


He also wants to thank the parents for putting the child in a safe place.


“We don’t know the situation, but to make this choice, to be strong enough to make this choice is wonderful,” he said.


The healthy baby girl was sent to the hospital for further care and evaluation and will be placed in the custody of the Indiana Department of Child Services.



Monica Kelsey, the creator of the Safe Haven Baby Box, hopes that this incident keeps these boxes in operation. Kelsey has had to repeatedly fight the state to keep them installed. Kelsey herself was abandoned as an infant just two hours after she was born.


“My heart is full for this little girl that is going to go on with her life,” she said. “My heart hurts for the mother as well.”


The Safe Haven Baby Box silently contacts 911 when it is opened and again if it detects movement inside the box. The person leaving the baby can also push a button that contacts emergency officials. The box contains a heater to keep the baby warm and can only be opened from inside the building once it is closed.



Pro-life advocates praise the idea behind these boxes and hope more can be placed in high-risk areas of the country. The Indiana Department of Child Services has challenged the legality of the boxes, however, but Kelsey has refused to shut them down.


While some states allow for babies to be legally surrendered to officials at hospitals, the boxes allow for a much more anonymous solution.


What do you think about these Safe Haven Baby Boxes? Are they an effective pro-life solution by encouraging reluctant mothers to give their baby up rather than taking its life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



On November 7th, another baby girl, named “Hope,” was safely rescued by the Safe Haven Baby Box. Read her story in the next article below!

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