WATCH: 3-Year-Old Girl Plummets From Top Of 16-Foot Fence; Reportedly 'Tossed' By Group Of Illegals Trying To Cross Border

January 29, 2019

It was bound to happen again. As illegals continue to flock to the U.S/Mexico border, lured by the dream of ‘a better life,’ unintended consequences occur on a daily basis.

Children, especially, seem to bear the brunt of their parents’ ill-advised decision to make the risky, arduous journey from whatever homeland they are trying to escape.

More often than not, the caravan is much worse than they ever believed it would be. Otherwise, who could explain the rationale behind dragging infants, toddlers, and small children on a trek that would challenge even the fittest of young adults?

Now, we learn of another young child who has paid the price for an adult’s bad judgment. A three-year-old Guatemalan girl plummeted from atop a 16-foot border wall in Arizona after an adult tries to boost her over.

And the horrifying scene was captured on surveillance video and has been viewed thousands of times on Twitter.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that “a 3-year-old Guatemalan girl traveling with nearly 50 other illegal immigrants was injured Sunday when she plummeted 16 feet from the top of an outdated section of the border wall in Arizona, shocking surveillance video shows.”

“YumaSector #USBP agents apprehended 49 individuals from Guatemala who illegally crossed an outdated section of 16-foot border wall yesterday. During the incident, a 3-year-old girl fell off the smugglers’ ladder. Agents rendered aid to the child who sustained minor injuries.”

Although most media outlets are reporting that the little girl 'fell' some witnesses insist the girl was tossed over by the smugglers to get her to hurry up. This report has not been confirmed.

Social media is outraged over the abuse of the young Guatemalan girl, and call for the border to be secured!

“Watch as a 3-year-old Guatemalan girl is tossed over a sixteen-foot fence by a group of illegal immigrants. “
Americans are fed up with this disregard for the lives of children, yet we keep incentivizing them.

“Of course, U.S. Customs and Border Protection was able to render free medical aid when these "asylum seekers" surrendered. Until we build #TheWall with taller, climb-resistant steel slats, irresponsible parents will continue to endanger their children. At least this little girl survived."

Miraculously, the little girl's injuries were not life-threatening, but she was taken into U.S. medical care in an abundance of caution. No word about parents or adults accompanying her.