Apparently the Government Has Been Tracking Santa for Years

December 21, 2017

We all know that Santa makes his way around the globe on Christmas Eve, right? But what does he do in December leading up to the big day? Well, luckily for us (and all the kids out there) there is a way to find out.


For the 62nd year in a row, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is helping the spirit of Christmas. They have a Santa Tracker that lets you follow along with Santa as he goes on his journey around the world on Christmas Eve.



Usually, NORAD has absolutely nothing to do with Santa. NORAD’s regular task is to oversee potential threats from the air against the United States and Canada. But for the last 62 years, they’ve had a secondary mission around this time of year: a Santa Tracker!


This unusual tradition began in 1955 when a business accidentally misprinted the phone number for the Santa hotline. Kids who called the number that year instead got a hold of the Continental Air Defence Command Operations Center (which later became NORAD). The Center employees decided to just go with it, so they took calls as Santa’s elves.


Over time, NORAD began to embrace their new role. Eventually, they transitioned online. On Christmas Eve, they release a Santa Tracker, which tracks Santa’s progress around the world to hand out gifts.



NORAD recently updated their tracker even more. Their website lets users visit the North Pole. There, users can play Christmas-themed games, shop at the gift store, watch videos of Santa and his reindeer, and visit the library.


It also shows the weather in the North Pole and a “Santa Tracker Countdown.” This counts down to the beginning of Santa’s trip around the world.


Regardless of whether or not your kids believe in Santa, NORAD’s VIllage and Santa Tracker can be fun for everyone to check out. Every day in December, a new game is released at the North Pole Arcade, so it’s worth checking back as it gets closer to Christmas.



Check out the awesome website here. And check back on Christmas Eve to see Santa’s journey around the world.


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