Are You Always Cold? These Chunky Tube Socks Might Be the Answer You Need

December 06, 2017

Weather forecasters have been telling us that this winter will be a bad one. Between snow and ice, it looks like people might be battling some rough weather. For people like me, who get cold extremely easily, that’s bad news.

Luckily for us all, a knitting company recently released a major gamechanger. Dukyana releases cozy knit sweaters each year, but this year, they’ve really upped their game.

Their latest release is like nothing you’ll find elsewhere—the perfect tube socks. Not just any tube socks, though. These tube socks are meant for...well...your whole body.

Actually, we’re not really sure what to call the gloriously cozy pieces of clothing. Are they sweaters? Scarves? Socks?

According to the Bulgarian knitwear’s company website, they’re actually scarves. Regardless of what you classify them as they’re the perfect answer for you if you’re always cold.

You know how it’s usually your arms that are the coldest? Well luckily for us all, Dukyana has solved that problem for us too. These scarves, while meant to be worn over the whole body, have no armholes. Instead, they keep your arms nestled warmly up against your body.

In all honesty, they may not be the best thing for you to wear out in the cold, but Dukyana also has tons of other products. They have extremely thick and cozy sweaters and dresses knitted out of wool and mohair. Check out their website here.

What are your best tips for staying warm in the cold weather that’s coming? Share with us on Facebook.

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