After Just 2 Years Together Famous Singer Calls It Quits; Fans Are Heartbroken

May 10, 2018

Yet another day for a celebrity breakup. Luckily, today wasn't a marriage, but still, a breakup is difficult for everyone.


Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have decided to call it quits after dating for two years, according to "TMZ." The breakup appears to be a mutual decision as they both blamed their hectic work schedules and did not have enough time for one another.



The two became an item back in August 2016 where they were spotted romantically together. In September, Grande went publicly about their relationship. The two have been friends since 2012, but recently the couple had been discussing marriage.


“They’ve discussed locations, guest lists, and honeymoon destinations. Mac’s talking a wedding in Hawaii, while Ariana says she’d be fine marrying in her home state of Florida and honeymooning in Hawaii,” a source tells "Life and Style."



A close source tells "TMZ" that they still love each other and will remain friends. However, fans are shocked to hear this news since they appeared to be doing great.


After the bombing at her Manchester concert, Grande took some time off. Miller was her rock at this time and comforted her during such a tragic time.



On April 20, Grande made her comeback by releasing "No Tears Left to Cry." Since then, she has been seen making appearances on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," performing at the Coachella, and attended the Met Gala on May 7.


Will you join us in praying for the couple has they go through this difficult time? In other news, sad news has just been released about Barron Trump and the president is requesting prayers. Will you join us?


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