2-Year-Old Girl Shot In Head While Playing In Backyard, Fighting For Her Life; Family Begging For Prayers

March 22, 2019

A little girl is fighting for her life after being shot in the head while playing with her brother in the family’s backyard in East Tennessee.

Two-year-old Ariel Salaices was playing on the swingset slide with her brother on March 15th when she was struck in the back of her head by a stray bullet. The little girl is in critical condition with major trauma injuries, and her parents are asking for prayers.

Police say they have no information about who pulled the trigger or why. But Sheriff Edward Tester did have this to say.

"The person who did this couldn't have lived that far. Whether they know they did it or not. I think with all this information out there, I think they know who they are," he said.

NBC affiliate WYCB gives these details, “[Ariel] and her brother were playing on the swing set in their backyard when Ariel 'suddenly fell off the slide, then walked to her porch and collapsed, shot in the head, apparently by a stray bullet.'"

Ariel’s mother says the bullet caused major damage to her daughter. “It severed an artery, which caused her to lose brain function. And they say she had a stroke, is what happened.”

The little girl was in critical condition and on life-support Thursday at the East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville, her aunt, Stephanie Brown, told ABC News.

Please join us in storming heaven with prayers for this little girl's recovery. Miracles do happen, but she is going to need all the prayers she can get until that happens. Her family would be so grateful.

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