Social Media Influencer Shares Post-Baby Bikini Pics, Gets Body Shamed For Looking Too Good

July 12, 2019

A woman who was proud of her figure one year after giving birth to her second child wanted to share her success with the world. So, she did what most of us do when we have something noteworthy to proclaim: she took to social media.

Unfortunately, her move brought her endless backlash - mostly from other moms who felt the need to shame her for looking too good!

Ariellle Charnas, 32, a social media influencer who has 1.2 million followers, was taken aback by the response she got after posting a selfie in a dark green string bikini.

“The mother of two posted the picture with a caption reading, ‘Proud of my body after two kids.’ Charnas has two daughters, a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.”

“Proud of my body after two kids 💚”

“While many of her fans praised her fit-looking physique, several commenters called her out for promoting unrealistic expectations, saying that people who don’t share the same genetics as her wouldn’t be able to achieve the same results.”

One commenter took a diplomatic, yet still critical, approach with a response, saying, “You should definitely be proud of your body, and we should all aspire to be proud of our bodies.

"But everyone should remember that any post-baby body is beautiful (because it made a baby!!), even if it looks very, very different than this one.”

Another commenter was less kind, slamming Charnas for making other moms feel bad, especially ones who don’t have her advantages - or her genes.

"Most don’t have access to the foods you do, and certainly not the personal trainers that you do. Genetics plays a huge role as well, so this pic should come with a Disclaimer.

“Pictures such as these (of a subnormal too-thin small-framed small-boned woman, who is probably a slave to her body) are a danger to the real woman out there who enjoy food, who aren’t as genetically ‘blessed’ and are at their healthy normal, meat on their bones, curvy best!”

Another follower scolded Charnas for focusing too much on her size.

“You should love yourself regardless of the body shape you achieved or not. A mom that cannot reach whatever beauty standard should not feel bad for that, that's the message you should spread... just saying.”

And the bravest of all, posted what many of us were thinking but didn’t have the courage to actually say, suggesting that Charnas is TOO skinny!

“I would dare guess that you are naturally a thin person with small bones [sic] frame. But even considering that, my guess is you are underweight for your height.

“I hope I'm wrong and it's a fallacy that getting pregnant and giving birth means a woman will never be the same size.

“I found breastfeeding sucked all my fat stores away. Zipo no fat from a size 8 to a 6 or 4 U.S.”


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