Armored Truck Loses $600k in Cash After Door Opens on Interstate in Indianapolis

May 02, 2018

Have you ever wished that an armored truck would start dropping cash like it was crop dusting the area with dollar bills? Well, today that wish became a reality.


A Brinks armored truck was traveling down I-70 in Indianapolis, Indiana during rush hour when its back door opened and dumped cash all over the interstate.


According to the Indiana State Police, money bags, money bundles, and loose bills totaling $600,000 fell out of the truck.


Motorists stopped their cars on the highway and scrambled to pick up the stray cash. People in the adjacent neighborhood jumped over the fence and attempted to stuff their pockets with money.



ISP Sgt. John Perrine says that authorities are trying to recover as much money as they can. Anyone who stopped to pick up the cash can be charged with theft.


The ISP says that they have already received tips and license plate numbers of people who stopped to pick up the money.


The Brinks truck driver said that another driver on the interstate waved him down and pointed towards the back of his truck. That’s when he realized that the back door was not secure and had opened.


If you saw an armored truck dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash on the road, what would you do? Let us know in the comments!


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