Missing Army Soldier Found in North Carolina

April 02, 2018

According to local police, a Fort Bragg soldier who vanished one week ago has been found and reunited with his family.


Sgt. Carl Seeman, 25, was found by Fayetteville police this morning in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


Fayetteville police spokesperson Asia Cannon said that Seeman was uninjured and left on his own accord. The police are not releasing any further information.





On March 25th, a fellow soldier reported Seeman missing. His car was found last week at a local Wal-Mart but his wallet and keys were still missing.


Carl’s mother, Jennifer Seeman, drove down from Rochester, New York with her husband, father, and brother to look for her son. Carl always wanted to be in the Army and enlisted his senior year of high school, said his mother.


“The panic comes and goes,” said Jennifer last week. “I feel like we’re not at panic when someone reaches out to me and says, ‘I might have seen him here.’ But the panic is real. And it hurts.”


“The only thing that we have are just leads from people who might have seen him,” she continued. “Our leads have turned up nothing. Right now we’re at a dead end and we’re just trying to come up with our next plan.”


“We plan on staying down here as long as we need to until something pops up. Until something happens.”


Carl Seeman is a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division and was declared AWOL by the division.



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