Comedian Arrested At Halfway House For Probation Violation. Fans Appalled At Mug Shot Showing Disturbing Facial Deformity

May 21, 2019

Comedian Artie Shaw, 51, who used to be a member of Howard Stern’s radio team, has been arrested for violation of his 2017 drug arrest probation.

The edgy comedian was picked up earlier this month in possession of “a clear plastic bag with heroin on his lap in his Range Rover.”

This isn’t Artie’s first brush with the law.

“Lange's time in the drug court system dates back to a May 2017 traffic stop on the Garden State Parkway.

"Lange was originally charged and placed on probation, but violated probation by using drugs,” said Katherine Carter, spokeswoman for the county prosecutor's office.

“A judge ordered Lange to jail, but he applied and was accepted into drug court, which landed him in a residential treatment program.”

Artie was taken into custody just a couple of days after his most recent heroin possession stop.

“The troubled comic, 51, was handcuffed in a New Jersey halfway house…and transferred to the Essex County Correctional Facility at approximately 7:45 Tuesday morning,” the Essex County Sheriff’s Office said.

"He was taken into custody for failing to comply with the terms of his participation in the drug program," Carter said.

“Yesterday we received an arrest warrant from the drug court to pick up Artie Lange,” Public Information Officer Kevin Lynch explained. “At the courthouse we reprocessed him.”

“The good news is he was sober this time around, but holy shit is his face destroyed. It’s like his nose kept decaying even after he stopped snorting cocaine and heroin and God knows what else.”

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