As Bride and Groom Take Their Vows, They Get an Unexpected Interruption from Above

October 17, 2017

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days of your life. Every little detail gets attention so the day is as perfect as can be. For this couple, I’m sure “Blue Angels flyover” wasn’t on their wedding checklist.

15 minutes into this couple’s wedding ceremony in Pensacola, Florida, they had unexpected visitors. It was the US Navy Blue Angels returning from a show in North Carolina.

According to the video publisher, “Two days prior at the rehearsal walk-through, other jets were landing, but we were told they didn’t train on Saturdays so no worries. That’s why there was some confusion at first, and the videographer hired for the wedding kept it on us the entire time.”

“The bride didn’t want a live singer anyways, so it worked out for the best!” he continued. “The photographer even snapped some good photos of the Blues landing.”

Take a look at their wedding video and see for yourself!

What would you have done if this was your wedding? Are you the type of person who would want “17,000-lbs of Thrust” by F/A-18 Jet Fighter as their wedding music? Let us know in the comments!

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