Grandmother's Ashes Allegedly Baked Into Cookies Brought To School; At Least 9 People Consumed

October 17, 2018

It was an extra ingredient added that no one wanted. A student in California reportedly laced their sugar cookies with a disturbing extra ingredient.

Police in Davis, California are investigating a report that a high school student baked the ashes of one of their grandparents into sugar cookies. That student then passed them around at school for their classmates to eat.

According to one student witness, there were two students involved in the plot to make and pass out sugar cookies laced with cremated remains. Police say that at least nine students at the DaVinci Charter Academy may have devoured the cannibal cookies, "ABC7" reported.

While it's been more common that students will bring in pot-laced cookies, cremated remain cookies is a much more disturbing one.

Davis Police Lt. Paul Doroshov said that he never had experienced a report like this before.

“No, this is a weird one,” he said. “I have not heard of anyone getting sick or anybody being harmed as far as physically, physiologically by this.”

The DaVinci Principal Tyler Millsap sent a letter to the parents of DaVinci students addressing this matter:

“Today Da Vinci Charter Academy High School and Davis Joint Unified are receiving a great deal of media attention. Our communications team is supporting our staff with this effort, but I want you to know that my first priority is to the safety and well-being of our students.

The story circulating in the media is something on which I cannot comment, but let me be clear that there is no health risk at to our campus or to any one of our students.

We care about our students and we care about our student’s families. We always take all allegations of wrongdoing seriously and we conduct thorough investigations and involve the police or other entities when appropriate. When we find wrongdoing has occurred, we apply disciplinary measures as well as restorative measures to repair the harm within our school community. In this case and all cases, we work with all parties involved, including our student’s families. This issue going on right now has been particularly challenging and our staff has responded appropriately and in the most respectful and dignified way possible for all the students and families involved. We regret that this issue has been taken up by the media.

I can say that those who were involved are remorseful and is this now a personal family matter and we are want to respect the privacy of the families involved.”

This is a developing story. We will try to update on the story when more details are available.

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