Missing 13-Year-Old Girl Found 900 Miles From Home. 23-Year-Old Man Arrested And Charged, Disturbing Questions Remain

November 29, 2018

Friends and Family members were overjoyed at the news that 13-year-old Aubrey Acree had been found. Aubrey, who had been missing from her North Carolina home since the weekend, was located, apparently unharmed, over 900 miles away in Oklahoma.


While family and friends are flooded with relief, they are shocked to learn that she was discovered in the company of a 23-year-old New Mexico man at an America’s Best Value Inn. Authorities are not saying, at this time, if Aubrey was abducted or if she went with the man willingly, a question that will be the subject of the ongoing investigation.

Aubrey had been the object of a multi-state search after her parents reported her missing from their Rutherford County home on November 26th. On Monday afternoon, County Sheriff appealed to the public for assistance in Aubrey’s disappearance, citing that she “was believed to be suffering from dementia or some other cognitive impairment.”


According to WSOC-TV, “Aubrey was last seen Sunday night and last heard from Monday morning. In both instances, she was believed to be at home. She was last seen wearing a white jacket, leopard colored pants, and Converse shoes.

“Through the investigation, authorities said Tuesday evening that they identified a vehicle in connection to Aubrey's disappearance.” No word as to how that knowledge helped the SBI and FBI in their locating the missing teen.


Parents were notified that their daughter was found, safe, and arrangements are being made to return Aubrey to her home in North Carolina.

The suspect, Jacob Gardea of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been arrested and is facing charges in North Carolina of the abduction of a child. Additional charges are pending.


Please join us in a prayer of thanksgiving that the young girl was found unharmed. We're certain her family is celebrating today.

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