Man Suspects Wife Of Affair, Slaughters Entire Family; Claims His Religion Justifies Actions

April 16, 2019

A 30-year-old Phoenix man who believed his wife was having an affair has confessed to her murder and that of another man and two of his three children.

Austin Smith believed his 29-year-old wife, Dasia Patterson, was cheating on him with his own brother. Enraged, Smith confronted Patterson about his suspicions.

Fox10 Phoenix reports, “The suspect said his religion was a factor in committing the crimes."

“The wife Dasia Patterson was the first person killed. She was fatally shot after Smith confronted her about the affair,” Fox 10 reported.

Her denial is what set him off, according to police. That’s when Smith said “God told him” to shoot her.

Court documents reveal the grisly details.

“Smith believed his middle child, 5-year-old Nasha Smith, had ‘exhibited bad behavior’ against God's law, so he laid her on top of his wife's body and then shot the girl in the back of the head.

“Smith then killed his 7-year-old daughter, Mayan Smith, because she was crying over what happened, according to the court record.

"Austin believed you should not ‘weep for the wicked’ so he punched her in the face several times with a closed fist, threw her up into the ceiling, and threw her down to the floor several times."  He then struck her in the head with a baseball bat.

Sources say that he spared his youngest daughter, three-year-old because she reminded him of himself. The littlest girl was found hiding underneath a bed.

He then moved on to find the man with whom he thought his wife was having an affair.

“The fourth victim, Ron Freeman, was killed after police said Smith drove to his brother’s apartment.

“At the apartment, two other people were shot but survived, a 47-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man, the paper reported.

"He said that the reason he shot these individuals is because in God's eyes, it was all right for him to deal with someone in this manner who had been involved in adultery, extramarital affairs," said Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson.

“We spoke with the victim's cousin who police say was killed by her husband, Austin Smith after claims of adultery. He says he doesn't believe the allegations. Police say Smith said the shooting was justified based on his religious beliefs. Her cousin says Smith is Muslim.”

In his confession, Smith also told police he killed his seven-year-old daughter because she was "weeping for the wicked.”

The dead woman’s cousin said that Smith’s Muslim religion is not to blame and that Dasia was NOT having an affair.

"Muslims don't move like that either, so that's an excuse," said Patterson's cousin, who did not want to be identified. "Muslims don't move like that. They're kids."

“Police say Smith is being charged with four counts of first-degree murder, a count of attempted first-degree murder, and three counts of aggravated assault. A judge has set a cash-only bond of $2 million."

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