Autistic Brother Sang at His Sister’s Wedding—There Wasn’t a Dry Eye in the Audience

February 02, 2018

When Jen Santamaria got engaged, she knew that she wanted to include her brother in the ceremony. Her brother, Jesse Marcus, has autism.

As the wedding got closer, Jen and her fiance, Jesse Santamaria figured out the perfect way to include him. “My brother and I have always been close. He’s always been so special to me and throughout my life,” Jen shared. “He’s always loved to sing and he loves to perform. I thought it would be so touching for him to actually sing at the ceremony.”

Marcus, her brother, worked with his caretaker for six months to prepare for the performance. He was really excited to be able to be a part of her wedding.

According to Jen, “He was very excited...He likes to remind you of things over and over. Anytime we’d talk about the wedding, he would always say, ‘Jesse Marcus singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” ’ ”

Jen and Jesse were holding their ceremony on a beach on the Florida Keys. During the ceremony, the guest could look past the couple and see the ocean.

When it came time for her brother to perform, he was thrilled. He got up and sang his song. According to Jen, there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire audience.

“During the time he was singing and I was watching him, it was just an overwhelming sense of how proud I am of him and how grateful I am to have him as my brother,” she shared. “Hands down, it was the best moment of the wedding for me.”

Watch the full video of Marcus performing at the wedding below.

What a sweet moment for Jen to be able to share with her brother and her husband. In other news, this 3-year-old went missing from her home in Arizona. Luckily, she was found the next morning with the family dog curled up next to her. Read the story here.

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