Automobile Maker Recalls Over 1 Million Vehicles for Fire Hazard

November 09, 2017

The recall covers more than a million vehicles covering a span of a six-year period and includes several luxury models and their sport utility vehicles.

BMW has announced the recall of their 3-series, 5-series, X5, X3, and Z4 models. The first recall includes 740,000 vehicles involving wiring and electrical connectors problems. A part of the engine can short-circuit and melt, causing a fire.

Their second recall includes 675,000 vehicles. This involves the PCV valve heater overheating increasing the chance of a fire — even when the car is parked and turned off.

According to ABC News Investigation, they have found that more than 40 incidences in the last five years BMW owners have experienced their car "spontaneously burst into flames." Some of these owners have said that their cars were already parked and turned off.

“At BMW the safety of our customers is a top priority,” said BMW spokesman Hector Arellano-Belloc in a statement. “We understand the serious nature of a vehicle fire, which is why we are taking appropriate steps to repair our customers’ vehicles.”

BMW owners can go to NHTSA's website to determine if the two recalls cover their vehicle.

Please share this article with your family and friends! This could help ensure their safety! In other news, more than 550,000 dishwashers have been recalled due to fire risk!

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