Baby Bump! Exciting News For The Royal Family; Fans Can't Get Enough of These Pictures

July 05, 2018

2018 has been a big year for the British royal family. From the newest member, Prince William and Kate Middleton's newborn prince, to Prince Harry and his new bride, Meghan Markle, tying the knot, there's sure been a lot to read about.

While there have been a few unfortunate moments, such as Prince Philip's health declining, thankfully, there have been more goods than bads.

The royal family is constantly being watched, written about, and recorded. Their every move is not unseen. Rightfully so, most everything the family does is encouraging and good for this world.

You will regularly see members help with humanitarian projects, donate their time and money to help a worthy cause, and even sit down with their biggest fans. They are quite the family.

Recently, after Prince Harry and Meghan got married in May, numerous fake news outlets began reporting outlandish reports claiming the newlyweds are pregnant. In some reports, the couple is pregnant with twins. Nothing has yet to be confirmed, but there is still exciting baby news inside the royal household.

Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister, is indeed pregnant and was recently seen showing off her precious baby bump. According to "Faith Family America," this was "one of the first times Pippa has been spotted in this stage of her pregnancy."

The 34-year-old and her husband, James Matthews, are expecting their first child together and were recently seen attending the fourth day of the 2018 Wimbledon Championships on Thursday.

While Pippa isn't technically a royal member, she's still a family member to her big sister, the Duchess of Cambridge. The newborn will be lovingly welcomed by their uncle, William, and aunt, Kate.

It appeared fans couldn't get enough of her classy, chic look while rocking a white, Anna Mason sundress with ruffled sleeves. Her shoes were spot on to complete her stylish look; ankle tie wedges. She tossed on some round-framed Chanel sunglasses and held a J. Crew clutch. She was glowing.

Congratulations to Pippa and James! What do you think about her look? Let us know your thoughts! In other news, a legendary singer and his wife are pregnant and they reveal the gender. How exciting!

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