Baby Elephant Rescued From Well and Its Mother’s Amazing Reaction Has Everyone Talking

December 22, 2017

If you are looking for a heartwarming story, this video is like a blowtorch straight to the heart.



One morning in Kerala, India, villagers woke up to the sounds of desperate trumpeting coming from the jungle. When they went to investigate they discovered an elephant calf had fallen into a well and could not climb out.


The little elephant was hopelessly clawing at the walls of the well in a futile attempt to escape from its wet and muddy prison.


The helpless calf’s mother waited nervously nearby as the villagers poured in to help the stranded animal.



Since a wiggling, slippery elephant would be impossible to carry out, digging the calf out of the well was the only option.


Luckily for both the elephant and the villagers, a tractor was available to be used to dig an exit path for the calf.


After five hours of digging, the elephant was finally free. The little elephant wasted no time and immediately sprinted over to its mother who was waiting nearby with the rest of the herd.



The relieved mother elephant seemed to show her gratitude for the help of the villagers and turned around to wave with her trunk in their direction before disappearing into the jungle.


Watch the drama unfold in the video below!


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