Video: Adorable Baby Girl Flexes in the Mirror With Dad

March 15, 2018

This little girl is going for the title of World’s Strongest Baby based on this video. Look out Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’re next!


With dad’s encouragement, little Hadley flexes in the mirror to show off her impressive baby physique. At least she thinks it’s impressive.



She might still have all the little baby rolls, but not in her eyes! She probably thinks she is the fiercest baby on the block, but don’t tell her she’s far cuter than she is frightening.




Watch the adorable video below and try (and fail) to hold in your laughter, just like dad!


It’s great to see that little Hadley has the support of her dad to be whatever she feels like she is. She’ll always be Wonder Woman in the eyes of her dad. It looks like Hadley has a great dad!




Luckily for us, her parents managed to get the muscle show on video to brighten everyone’s day!


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