World-Famous Zoo Says Sad Farewell To Baby Giraffe; 5-Month-Old Fan-Favorite Euthanized After Being Gravely Injured By Another Animal

January 15, 2019

Zoo officials and park patrons, alike, are mourning the loss of one of its most popular residents. Five-month-old baby giraffe, Kumi, had to be put down after veterinarians determined that a devastating wound he had sustained could not be repaired.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park officials made the sad announcement on Monday, releasing details on how the young animal lost his life.

“The giraffe, Kumi, was discovered with a gore wound in his East Africa field habitat on Dec. 26," zoo spokeswoman Christina Simmons told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“A veterinary assessment found that the wound couldn't be treated, so the animal care staff made the ‘difficult decision' to put Kumi down, Simmons said."

It’s common practice at the Park for animals with common habitats to be housed together. Antelopes and Giraffes, for example, would live in a common area. The San Diego Zoo explained in her post about Kumi’s death.

“We're sad to report our five-month-old male giraffe, named Kumi, was euthanized the morning of Dec. 29, 2018. Keepers found Kumi in his East Africa field habitat in the early morning hours with a gore wound to his belly, likely from an antelope in the same habitat.

“The Safari Park houses numerous species together that would live together in their native habitats, where inter-species encounters also can happen.

“The injury was assessed and it was determined that it could not be treated. The Safari Park veterinary staff made the difficult decision to euthanize the young giraffe.

“Please share your condolences with the staff, volunteers, members and guests who will be feeling this loss."

For all visitors, young and old, who had the pleasure of seeing Kumi or any of the other majestic animals at the world-famous zoo and safari park, the sadness is overwhelming. Please join us in praying for all who are grieving the loss of this precious one of God's beautiful creatures.

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