UPDATE: New Details About TV Star’s Serious Motorcycle Accident. Injuries Far Worse Than We First Believed; Prayers Desperately Needed

May 02, 2019

Last week, we brought you the sad news about beloved Barry Weiss of ‘Storage Wars’ fame and the serious motorcycle accident he suffered on April 24th in Los Angeles.

At the time, we reported that he and his friend were both hit by a car whose driver failed to look before he backed up. We reported that Barry suffered broken bones and internal injuries. No further details were available to report on Thursday.

Today, however, it’s a different story. Barry’s friend (who is not identified by name) posted an update on social media. In it, he shares that Barry’s injuries were far worse than we first believed.

“Not a good day at the office, a serious crash today with my friend Barry Weiss when a car pulled out directly in front of us and took our road away.”

In a post that has since been removed, 'Motogeo' reported:

“After the black SUV (left corner) stopped and crossed our paths, this is the split second after, the parked car stopped me quickly 👎 #bummer #thatsucks #ohno #carssuck,” he wrote.”

The friend went onto describe each of their injuries.

“I got lucky, only a broken knee, elbow and wrist, Barry is much worse and has serious chest and leg trauma.” he wrote, asking his followers to “please send your prayers to Barry.”

Then a gruesome pic of his injured knee:






“Stopping a motorcycle with your knee and an SUV 🚙 is not recommended”

The friend who goes by the name “motogeo” on Instagram went on to share a photo from the accident clearly showing one of the motorcycles underneath the vehicle that hit them.

No photos of the injuries Weiss sustained have been released, but it is believed the former 'Storage Wars' star remains in the Intensive Care Unit for treatment of those injuries.

Please continue praying for the beloved 'Collector' as he makes his long and grueling recovery from this tragic accident.

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