College Basketball Player Hasn’t Seen Mom in 5 Years–Then Coaches Surprise Him in Meeting

February 28, 2018

There’s nothing quite like the connection between a mother and her children.


Imagine being separated for many years without being able to see each other. This is what Lithuanian basketball player Norbertas Giga and his mother had to go through as he chased his dream of being a basketball player in the US.



Giga left Lithuania in 2013 to go play basketball for Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. Since he arrived in the United States, Giga never was able to see his family.


That all changed this week when his coaches arranged for a surprise reunion.



The Jacksonville State coaches told Giga that they wanted to do a one-on-one film study with him. They also told him that they were filming the meeting for documentation purposes so don’t mind the extra cameras in the room.


That’s when they set up the incredible surprise.


Watch their emotional reunion in the videos below!


Giga couldn’t believe it when his mom, Edita, walked through the door. He tried to hide his tears with his shirt but the emotion was just too strong.


Both mother and son were in tears when they embraced for the first time in five years.


Edita has never seen her son play basketball in America, but that will soon change later this week as Jacksonville State plays for a conference championship.



Have you ever gone through something similar where you were unable to see a family member for an extended period of time? Let us know about your happy reunion in the comments below!


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