Critical Update In Search For Missing 1-Year-Old Girl Forcibly Abducted From Mom

March 28, 2019

The one-year-old little girl from Georgia who was reported missing early Thursday has been found safe.

"Police in Arcade, Georgia, announced at 2 p.m. that the baby’s father, Robert Joseph Peeples, 39, dropped Baylee off at a family member's home in Gwinnett County.

"Peeples is still missing and is wanted by police."

Baylee Sue Peeples, who will turn two years old next month, was allegedly taken by her father 12 hours prior, who reportedly sped off with the toddler in his car after arguing with the child's mother. 

According to the mom, she and her husband, Robert Joseph Peeples argued early Thursday morning in the driveway of her mother’s home, with Baylee asleep in her car seat in the father's vehicle.

When she tried to remove her daughter and take her inside, the father sped off.

WSB-TV reports, “Baylee's mother…said Robert was dropping her and her daughter off at her mother’s house but wouldn’t let her get Baylee out of the car.

“He said if I didn’t get in the van then I wasn’t going to get her and she wasn’t staying with me and I went to get her anyways and he took off,” the mother said.

“I just wish he would bring her home to me.”

Well, it looks as though this momma is going to get her wish.

According to police, "Baylee will be checked out by a doctor before she is returned to her mother, but police said she is in good condition."

And what a joyful reunion THAT will be!

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