Toddler Girl Forcibly Abducted While Mother Tries To Get Her Out Of Carseat. Police: She's In 'Extreme Danger'

March 28, 2019

An Amber Alert has been issued in the abduction of a 23-month-old little girl from Georgia.

Multiple sources say that the toddler was forcibly taken from her mother’s custody by the noncustodial father who has a history of violence against the family.

"MISSING-IN-GEORGIA - AMBER Alert: Missing toddler girl believed to be in 'extreme danger'. Baylee Sue Peeples was taken Thursday around 1:50 a.m. by her father, Robert Joseph Peeples, who has a history of violence against his family"

AJC is reporting that “1-year-old Baylee Sue Peeples disappeared on Thursday morning at around 1:50 a.m. from Rock Forge Road in Jefferson.

“Police believe she’s traveling with Robert Joseph Peeples, 39, who could possibly be headed toward Gwinnett County, Georgia, or to Mississippi.”

According to the child's mother, she and Peeples argued around early Thursday morning in the driveway of her mother’s home.

WSB-TV reports, “Baylee's mother…said Robert was dropping her and her daughter off at her mother’s house but wouldn’t let her get Baylee out of the car.

“He said if I didn’t get in the van then I wasn’t going to get her and she wasn’t staying with me and I went to get her anyways and he took off,” the mother said.

“I just wish he would bring her home to me.”

Photos are circulating across social media showing the outfit Baylee was wearing when she was abducted. Although it’s likely the father has changed her clothing, it’s possible someone may have seen something before that happened.

Police are urging anyone with information, in this case, to contact them immediately. Time is of the essence and they believe that Baylee is at serious risk of being harmed.

“UPDATE: I just spoke with Baylee Peeples mom. She told me her daughter’s father was dropping them off at home & when she tried to get Baylee out of the car seat.. he told her no you will never see her again & drove off. The first pic is what Baylee had on when she taken.”

“This is Baylee Peeples. She's 1-year-old and is in "extreme danger" right now. Police believe Robert Joseph abducted her about 2 a.m. He has a history of child cruelty & criminal battery. His cell was last pinged in Mississippi heading West- white van plate # RIK1620 “

Please pray for the safety of little Baylee and for her mother's peace of mind during this harrowing time.

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