These 5 Beauty Mistakes Are Making You Look Older

February 06, 2018

Makeup is extremely useful when it serves its purpose through making your complexion look nicer. Sometimes, however, makeup doesn’t quite do what you want it to. In fact, there are some mistakes that some women are making that make them seem ten years older. Check out these mistakes to see if you need to update your beauty routine.

1. Thick foundation

A little foundation does great things, so a lot must do wonderful things, right? Unfortunately, no. If you layer foundation on too thick it can actually make you look significantly older. Keep your foundation layers thin. If you don’t feel like you get enough coverage, then try a few other brands to see if there’s something that works better for you.

2. Ignoring your brows

Eyebrows are having a big moment right now in beauty. If you ignore your brows and leave them looking thin and sparse, people will notice. Instead, fill your brows out a little by penciling them in. This will make you look younger and will keep your brows on trend.

3. Heavy eyeliner

Heavy eyeliner, especially on the lower lid, can drag your eyes down and make them appear droopy. Instead, try using a nude-colored eyeliner to make your eyes appear wider and brighter—or just skip the eyeliner all together!

4. Blush

Blush really doesn’t seem too difficult—unless you’re shooting for that effortless look. Too much and you’re stuck with lines through the day; too little and your face doesn’t seem to have life at all. Blush can help to give you a healthy glow. Be sparing with blush and make sure that you chose the right color.

5. Lipstick

When you wear lipstick, make sure that your color is right on trend. An old style of lipstick might do more than just appear behind the trend, some older styles of lining and applications can even make you appear older. Instead, follow current trends in lipstick. Keeping it simple and avoiding lip liner will help you look younger.

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