Beauty’s Best Kept Secret: PawPaw Ointment

August 14, 2017

When there is a single product that could replace dozens of products in your beauty routine, you would think that most people would know about it. However, there is a product that has escaped our attention for too long.

Lucas’ PaPaw Ointment is a beauty essential in the country it’s produced from, Australia. In other countries, however, it doesn't seem to have hit the popular market. Check out these uses for this multi-purpose ointment, then go buy some here!

Skip the chemical-filled lipstick and instead opt for this natural, easy gloss. Dabbing a tiny amount on your lips can moisturize your lips through the day while adding a glossy sheen.

2. Moisturizer

You can use this ointment on any dry skin problem areas, like hands and heels. According to the company’s website, “Many users of the ointment also report temporary relief of the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema.”

This ointment can be used to relieve inflammation from small splinters and thorns. The antibacterial properties that will help keep infection away as well.

4. Cuticle cream

If your cuticles are getting out of control, don’t bother buying an expensive product that only works on your cuticles. Instead, Lucas’ PaPaw Ointment can soften and moisturize your cuticles making your nails and cuticles stronger.

5. Brow pomade

If your brows are naturally dark, but just a little unruly, you can use Lucas’ PaPaw Ointment to keep them under control. If your brows need extra color, just add a little powder on top of the ointment to make them bolder.

Hair static can be a problem, especially when it gets colder outside. Try rubbing a little  PaPaw Ointment between your hands and through your hair to control some of the flyaways.

Give Lucas’ PaPaw Ointment a try and see what you think of beauty’s best-kept secret. Maybe it will be a new addition to your beauty bag.

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