Before Son’s Surgery, Her Card Was Declined at the Airport — That’s When a Hero Saves the Day

December 21, 2017

An Oregon mother was rushing through the airport to catch her flight home from New York to get her son into surgery to next day. With 375 pounds of luggage in tow, Heather Nashelle was about to miss her flight if it wasn't for a man named Gus Davis.

Heather is the founder and CEO of "Nashelle Jewelry," and had been doing trade shows all week. While at the airport, she had been bogged down with hundreds of pounds of bags full of products from the trade show.

Logan, Heather's son, was scheduled to have an operation at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) the following day. However, Heather was losing time. She was coming dangerously close to missing her flight. Luckily, someone was watching her.

When Heather arrived at the airport, her plane was boarding passengers. Gus greeted her and helped her with her bags. After Gus escorted her to the check-in desk, he wished her well and said goodbye.


The ticket agent informed Heather that the baggage fee would be $150. Thinking this is no problem, she swipes her card.


The card was mysteriously declined.


In a stage of panic and tears, Heather knew she had to get this fee paid for, or her son would miss his operation.


Gus appeared to be watching most of the interaction and noticed the situation take a turn. Without a word, Gus stepped forward, paid her $150 baggage fee, and began rushing her through the hectic airport.


Gus went up to TSA and told them to get Heather through security as quickly as possible. Before Gus and Heather parted ways, they exchanged contact information as Heather wanted to repay him.

After her son's surgery, Heather not only paid Gus double the original amount, she set up a fundraiser for Gus through her company's website.


Heather and her team developed a new bracelet that includes a small, brass heart in recognition of Gus and to encourage people to "pay it forward." All the net proceeds will directly to Gus.


In just four days, $3,000 was raised for the man with a "heart of gold."


“You are an amazing man to have extended me kindness without even knowing the sheer fear in my mama's heart,” Heather wrote on her Facebook.


"Nashelle Jewelry" has been around for 17 years and is home to over 40 different designers and artists who hand-craft all their products. "Nashelle Jewelry" provides a plate of food to a homeless person for every piece of jewelry sold. Just by knowing that and her character, I can already fully support this company.


What do you think about what Gus did for Heather? Please share your thoughts in our comment section below. In other news, a young boy on hospice sits on Santa's lap one last time. 

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