MLB Superstar And Wife Of 13 Years File For Divorce; Baseball Fans Rally In Support Of Beloved Player

May 16, 2019

Very sad news coming out of Chicago today. A long-married couple, with three young children, has separated and filed for divorce.

Chicago Cubs MVP and fan-favorite Ben Zobrist has filed a complaint for legal separation from his wife of 13 years, author and Christian singer Julianna Zobrist.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Cubs utilityman Ben Zobrist and his wife, Julianna Zobrist, have each filed for divorce in separate states, according to court records.

“Ben Zobrist filed for legal separation Monday in Williamson County, Tenn., where the couple — married since December 2005 — keep an offseason home in a Nashville suburb.”

According to The Tennessean, “The separation comes just days after Zobrist, a three-time all-star and 2016 World Series MVP, announced he was taking an extended leave of absence from the team.”

Jed Hoyer: "We have his best interests in mind and the family's best interests in mind. We want him to take as much time as possible to get that part of his life in order."

When filing her divorce complaint in Cook County, Illinois, Julianna, 34, listed no grounds for the action. But her husband had plenty to say in his.

“According to the Tennessean, Ben Zobrist’s filing contends that his wife ‘has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct which renders further cohabitation impossible,’ though the article didn’t elaborate.

"The filing says Zobrist, 37, hopes the parties will enter into a marital dissolution agreement and permanent parenting plan, or for a judge to enter an order of legal separation and have the two live separately, ‘unless they can reconcile.’

“Husband is unsure if the marriage can be salvaged,” the filing says, according to the Tennessean.

Ben Zobrist is a Eureka, Illinois native and has played for numerous Major League teams during his 13-year career.

Zobrist has played in three World Series, winning the last two, becoming a two-time World Series champion in consecutive seasons of 2015 with the Royals and 2016 with the Cubs.

“Zobrist was the 2016 World Series Most Valuable Player. He is one of seven players in MLB history to have won back-to-back World Series championships on different teams.”

Ben is an outspoken Christian who credits God and his faith for his success in baseball.

Zobrist is a former counselor for Camp of Champions USA, a Christian summer day camp in central Illinois. He speaks at church events about his early life and success, which he credits all to God.

"Zobrist often talks about his Christian faith, saying God helped him realize that he was supposed to play baseball. 'I just felt like everything fell into place so much, that this is what I was supposed to do. This is what I was made to do.'"

Social media has plenty to say about the split, overwhelmingly in support Ben.

“Could never speculate what’s going on behind closed doors, but I don’t think I’ve ever been around a more supportive husband than Ben Zobrist of his soon-to-be-ex-wife Julianna. From his loving social media posts to his promotion of her books/singing career and public praise…”

Already the rumors are flooding social media. Numerous sources are alleging that the 34-year-old Juliana has been unfaithful to her husband.

”Details on Cubs Ben Zobrist Being on Personal Leave Because His Wife Had “Inappropriate Marital Conduct” Aka Cheating”

"Ben Zobrist, on top of working through a divorce, also has kids to worry about in this situation. Let the man take the time he needs to work through it.

"The process doesn’t take a day and everyone’s situation is different. Cubs seem to be very understanding which is good."

The couple has three young children; Julianna is a singer and author who had a book published last year.

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