Beware of “Porch Pirates” This Holiday Season

December 22, 2017

Was your grocery store out of your favorite kind of candy? Or you couldn’t find that pair of jeans that fit you just right? For situations like this, more and more Americans are turning to shopping online.


At this point, 79% of all U.S. consumers shop on the Internet—that number is a substantial increase from only 22% of consumers in 2000. It can’t really be that surprising. Online retailers tend to have lower prices, more options, and you don’t even have to step outside of your home.

But along with the increase in online shopping comes an increase in something else—porch pirates. Porch pirates find packages at doors and porches and “pirate” them.


According to a recent survey in California, nearly 20% of homeowners reported having a package stolen in the last year. These people lost an average of $140 from these package thefts.


Apparently, porch pirates sometimes follow along behind delivery trucks and steal many of the gifts that are dropped off. It’s difficult to prevent this, as many people are at work during the day when packages are dropped off. There are several ways that you can prevent these thefts as much as possible.

One way to prevent these thefts is by installing security cameras. Even if you don’t use live cameras, a fake camera can often scare a thief away from your packages.


You can also have packages delivered to a lockbox. There are lockboxes available at several stores, including Amazon and it’s brick-and-mortar store, Whole Foods Markets. These boxes allow you to give the code to the delivery company. After your package arrives, the box will be locked.


Most delivery companies also offer delivery alerts. They will send you a text message or email alerts so that you can know when something will be delivered. You can plan your schedule around the delivery time to ensure you are there to pick it up.

One of the easiest ways of ensuring you’re home when your packages are delivered is to require a signature. Most retailers have a box that you can check if you want them to require a signature. This is especially a good idea for more expensive items or electronics.


Have you ever had a package stolen from your porch? Try out some of these tips next time you order something online.


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