Biking in a Banana Suit for Adoption: How One Friend is Raising Awareness

November 16, 2017

Adoption can be an extremely long and expensive process. Many families just want to provide a safe home for children, yet they are unable to because of the process.

One woman in Virginia is doing everything she can to support her friends who are going through the adoption process. For her, “everything she can” means riding her bike in a banana suit.

Elisa Strange in Bedford County, Virginia wanted to help her friends raise the money they needed to adopt a child. While she couldn’t provide them with the money that they needed, she knew that she could help raise awareness of what they were raising money for.

Elisa has committed to bike a mile in a banana suit for every $25 that is raised. As she bikes, she wears a sign on her back, informing others of what she’s doing and where they can donate.

Elisa is helping to raise money for her friends Nick and Bambi Durham. Nick and Bambi were married for 12 years when they decided that they wanted to start fostering children.

At this point, they have fostered 97 children over the years, but there is one child that they have grown especially close to. Nick and Bambi decided to start going through with an adoption.

Nick and Bambi want to be able to adopt their son before Christmas so they can spend the holidays as a family. According to their GoFundMe page, “We are raising funds to help us pay for the adoption. We need money to retain a great adoption lawyer and to pay for our homestudy. We need this as soon as possible so we can move forward.”

As of mid-October, Nick and Bambi’s homestudy had been approved. They are still working on raising the funds for a lawyer and other fees involved with the adoption. The homestudy is a huge hurdle, though.

At this point, the Durhams are at $9,200 of their $10,000 goal. They’re getting very close to having the funds to finally adopt their son.

It’s incredible that the Durhams have great friends like Elisa who are willing to do anything they can to help raise awareness. The Durhams are getting so close to their goal, but still have some procedures to go through before the son will finally be theirs. Check their GoFundMe page here to donate or for updates.

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