Bizarre Creature Discovered During 115-Year-Old Minnesota Department Store Renovation

April 12, 2018

Old buildings can hold so many secrets. When renovations or demolitions are carried out in old buildings, strange discoveries are often made.


Take the case of the old Dayton Department Store (now Macy’s) in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The building itself is over 115 years old and is undergoing some renovation and redevelopment.


Workers were shocked one day to discover the remains of a creature that was definitely not native to the midwestern state of Minnesota.



It was the mummified remains of a spider monkey. How on earth did a spider monkey wind up in the ceiling of a department store in Minnesota?


The Facebook page “Old Minneapolis” posted a photo of the mummified monkey in an effort to find out if anyone knew anything about the deceased creature.



As it turns out, the mayor of the nearby town of Robbinsdale may have the answer.


The mayor, Regan Murphy, believes that his late father was the reason for the Minnesota monkey mystery. In the 1960s, his father, Larry, and a friend stole a monkey from a pet shop that used to reside in the building.



Larry and his friend tried to keep their new pet monkey a secret, but unsurprisingly, his mother found out about their stolen pet monkey. “Absolutely not,” said his mother according to Murphy’s wife Monica. “Absolutely not. Can’t have it, can’t keep it.”


The two teenagers brought it back to the store and released it back into the shop instead of returning it by hand to avoid getting caught and punished for the theft.


“He was an Irish boy,” said Monica. “I think that says it all.”


While it might be the most surprising thing discovered during the renovation, a mummified monkey wasn’t the only thing unearthed. Paper mache Easter eggs and a stolen wallet were also found by construction workers.



Have you or anyone you know ever made a bizarre discovery like this before? Let us know in the comments!


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